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The Executive Office of Health and Human Services (EOHHS) was created on December 1, 2005 by then Governor Donald Carcieri to facilitate cooperation and coordination among the state departments that administer Rhode Island's health and social service programs.

The EOHHS departments are:

These departments collectively impact the lives of virtually all Rhode Islanders, providing direct services and benefits to over 300,000 citizens while working to protect the overall health, safety and independence of all Rhode Islanders.

Increasing opportunities for interdepartmental cooperation will result in improved access and more effective and responsive programs for all populations served. It will also allow departments to optimize resources leading to greater efficiency and enhanced accountability.

Secretary Costantino, continued from home page, ....

A critical part of my vision for advancing the EOHHS will soon be fulfilled when our new, redesigned website will replace our current site.  Our new website will enhance the ability of consumers, and our partners and providers, to easily access vital information.  This is a major element of my overall mission to make the state’s health and human services system more consumer-friendly and more accessible, accountable and responsive to the public.  The redesigned website will be easier to navigate and understand.  It will also serve as an electronic bulletin board for posting information about health and human services budget and policy initiatives, program evaluations and reviews, proposed and pending regulations and legislation, and related agency activities.

We have every expectation that the new website will provide you with user-friendly information that will better help you to make choices about the services you need that are provided by the EOHHS departments.