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Integrated Care Initiative- Documents
Integrated Care and Financing for Medicare and Medicaid Beneficiaries, Report to RI General Assembly, 4/26/12
Integrated Care for Medicare and Medicaid Beneficiaries- Draft proposal to CMS, 4/26/12
Integrated Care for Medicare and Medicaid Beneficiaries- Final proposal to CMS, 5/31/12

Presentations/Public Meetings
Integrating Care for Medicare and Medicaid Members: RI Planning Efforts, Nov 2011
Notice of Open Meeting, 4/26/12
Integrated Care Initiative Presentation, 5/3/12 & 5/15/12
Global Waiver Taskforce Meeting presentation, 7/23/12
LTSS Forum, 11/20/12, 12/4/12

Public Comments
Responses to Public Comments from stakeholders, 9/7/12 (excel document format)
Responses to Public Comments, 11/14/12
Responses to Public Comments, 11/28/12
Responses to Public Comments, 1/25/13 (pdf)

Background Documents
Integrated Care: Care Management Overview, 8/8/12
Connect Care Choice Consumer fact sheet (with primary care practice locations)
Connect Care Choice Program description, Info for physicians, NCM: roles & responsibilities
Connect Care Choice Newsletter, 3/2012
DHS Field Offices, DHS-14
LTC Application Cover Page
RIte@Home Fact Sheet, 12/2012