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Home and Community Services

Many elders and people with disabilities who want to stay in their own homes cannot do so without help. Whether it is help cleaning or making meals, or just getting to and from the bathroom, there is assistance available.
The programs that can help you or someone you care for live comfortably and safely at home are called “Home and Community-Based Services.” Some programs can help you fill prescriptions or get meals or rides. Other programs will help you out at home with activities like personal grooming or getting in and out of bed. The programs you use will be based on your needs. We wish to help you get the best services and care you can in your home and community.

The brochures below explain the different kinds of programs that the state offers and who you can call for more information.

Print Materials

Nursing Home Transition Program (english) (spanish)
Home & Community Based Services brochure (english) (spanish)
Home & Community Based Services booklet (english)


Helping Elders Live Safely at Home, Good Options for Home and Community Based Services (video)
Independence & Choice, Options for Adults with Disabilities, Living at Home and in the Community (video)
Options for Home and Community-Based Care, Educational Video for Discharge Planners (video)

Reports and Research

For more information, see Long Term Care. Long Term Care services include Nursing Home care and Home and Community-Based Services.

For presentations from the Discharge Planners' Conference, Safely Transitioning to Home and Community Based Care, in April 2011, see Discharge Planners' Conference.